Plenty of Uses for Paracord

paracord laceseParacord is actually a very versatile item. From survival bracelets to fashion jewelry, it seems we are seeing a lot of paracord lately, but it does have other uses. Paracord started out as part of the parachutes that paratroopers used in World War II, but over the year its audience, and its uses, have expanded.

If you have some paracord in your garage and want to know what uses it might serve, try some of these:

Fishermen will like the idea of using it as fishing line, especially in a pinch. If your line breaks, use your paracord; or if you have the paracord along on a hike, but no fishing pole, you can use the paracord to catch dinner.

If your bootlaces (or shoelaces) break, paracord makes a great shoestring. It’s durable and won’t break as many standard shoelaces do.

For campers, starting a fire with paracord is easy. The nylon catches heat, but will not burn. You will use it in a primitive, bow drill way.

You can also use paracord to hold down a tarp, tie up bundles of sticks or newspapers, as tent ties, or even to pull a sled if your sled’s lead breaks.

Your emergency paracord can be used on hikes or camping trips to make a splint if necessary.

One fun thing to do with paracord is to make your own dog leash and collar. The paracord is strong, so your dog will be secure, and it is rot-resistant, so rain or sweat will not be a problem. Additionally, all the great paracord colors make it easy to customize your pup’s leash and collar for your personal tastes.

Key chains can also be personalized this way, too, and you’ll have your paracord on you at all times, in case of an emergency. The paracord can be braided or knotted either on a key ring or you can make it the key holder, in a lanyard-style way.

Those with long hair might want to use paracord as hair ties. True, it sounds like a fashion use, but if you’re out on the trail and your hair is in your eyes, this can be a lifesaver.

Pull cord on your lawn mower broken? No worries, you can use paracord! Same goes for a chainsaw, motor boat engine or weed eater (or any other type of pull chain, really).

It can be used to rope off areas, such as wet paint or newly planted grass, in your yard or home. Or you can make your own hammock-style vegetable grower to hang on a trellis. It’s perfect for growing vegetables vertically.

Whatever you choose, know that paracord is a versatile tool and something that can, and should, be kept around the house.

Benefits of a Survival Bracelet

First of all, a paracord survival bracelet is an extremely useful tool to have on your person at all times, especially if you are hiking, camping, fishing, even running. If there is anywhere you will be that is outdoors, and away from civilization even a little bit, a paracord survival bracelet can, well, save your life.

Survival BraceletThese paracord bracelets are worn around the world, by armed services, survivalists, campers and even by the Average Joe. They started out as something paratroopers wore in World War II and just caught on.

Because in an emergency, these survival bracelets are, essentially, just paracord. When you undo the bracelet, you can use the paracord for such things as tourniquets, shoelaces or lashings. Or, you might need one for tying a splint. The really resourceful can tease the threads out of the paracord to make things like thread for sewing or perhaps even use it for fishing lines. You are really only limited by your creative mind.

Wearing one of these bracelets allows you carry a very useful amount of paracord on you at all times.

Paracord bracelets are easy to make. You will need, obviously, paracord, about ten feet, although this can vary based upon the size of your wrist, you might need a bit more or a bit less. Use 550 paracord and weave it into a braid, for example a sennet braid, which will allow the cord to come undone by just untying a single knot, allowing you to get at the paracord as quickly as possible when the need arises.

A daisy chain or beaver tail weave and knot are also very easy to undo, getting you access to the paracord quickly.

Typically a paracord survival bracelet is just knotted at the end, but you may choose to use a buckle, which is a bit more difficult to make, but works the same way, with a simple release when needed.

Paracord comes in many colors, so you can make a few and color coordinate paracord colors if you would like.